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About Us

  • European Union College (EUC) is a multidisciplinary private College in Hungary, European Union. L.L.C
  • (EUC)delivers a world-class university education to students locally, regionally, and internationally, through a renewed understanding that integrates teaching, learning, research, and practice.
  • The education is marked by a strong focus on academic excellence and practical knowledge, spearheaded by unrivaled teaching staff and we look for a foundation that cultivates changing and innovative thinking and learning and continually joining new improvements of information in every significant field utilizing progressed instructive offices.


The mission of the College is to prepare our students for life challenges they will meet in their lives through:
  • Offering a quality of education that focuses on preparing groups of specialists who can work efficiently and competently in different job fields that are available locally and regionally.
  • Confirming the comprehensiveness and integration of the College's society and optimizing the use of all capabilities through mutual initiative among the schools of the college.
  • Continuous development of the means of education and encouraging the use of new teaching methods in international education, and encouraging online education in all specialties.
  • To provide high-quality education and training services to supply the labor market with ready industry workers able to deal with advanced technologies, and to create and continuously improve teaching and learning environment.


  • (EUC) aspires to be one of the leading comprehensive Colleges in the region and across the globe. It strives to meet the needs of the community, cope with the continuing technological development, and enhance its students’ educational, professional, research, and leadership abilities.
  • Through set the standards for a creative educational system through developing the region's most promising students and preparing them to be benefiting to the society as a whole.


  • Enhance the quality of higher education by using modern technologies, creating a broad information technology base using modern e-Learning modalities, and managing College with a modern technological manner.
  • Enhancing and supporting the educational system
  • Expanding the support to internationalization
  • Developing the scientific research system and postgraduate studies
  • Expanding the activities of community services and environmental
  • Development and Raising the competitive skills of students
  • To provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills required for industry, therefore ensuring high employability, whilst continuing to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance and further their careers.
  • Offers distinguished education in modern and inter-disciplinary educational areas to cater for the future needs in human resources at both local and regional levels.
  • Create an advanced research base in technology areas and linked it with Centers of Excellence abroad.